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Famous Writers and the Ayliffes

Well, John and I claim a family connection to a distant cousin, Virginia Woolf. And why wouldn't we? Our late mother was from the Stephen family to which Virginia was born.

We also claim closer connection to John's son, Tim Ayliffe, author of the best selling thriller series that began with The Greater Good -

Now, if you Google Bryce Courtenay, Philip Yancey, or Derek Hansen, you will find many great books in their names and a closer connection for us.

All three wrote wonderful testimonials for the first print edition of "My Brother's Eyes" for which we were very grateful.

About the book

It was quite a journey. Young and naive, I joined what was to become Zion Full Salvation Ministry at the age of 19. I was captivated by Violet Dorothy Pryor, a 52-year-old widow who claimed to have Christ's stigmata and certainly the charisma of a healer and deliver as she shouted to the demons to leave the bodies they had inhabited. I no longer believe all of that now and see Pryor as the worst kind of charlatan, one who deceives not only others but herself too. Pryor would go on to claim to be God, as you do, and all the time my own flesh and blood would be more and more denied welcome in my life. So this book has me telling the inside story and my brother the outside story of the pain of a high demand group - the grief of a lost son, brother and when I married of my wife and children too. Fortunately, Pryor died after 16 years and I found myself in charge of the group. Five years later I was to disband it leading everyone to denounce the deception that had captured us all.

It is available on most outlets.

To buy the book please visit your favourite audio store and search for David & John Ayliffe, My Brother's Eyes. After you listen, we would love you to write a review for us on your favourite audiobook site.​

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